Dennis Busch cuts the world into fragments, mixes them up and creates a new, irrational reality. People, animals, symbols, historical artefacts, body parts and everyday objects – all taken from found photography – are cut out of their context, glued together, overwritten and put into a new conversation. Dennis Busch engages in the medium of collage to open up borders and trick time. Past, present and future are combined at will. Making collages comes naturally Dennis Busch. Lead by his scalpel, Dennis Busch is a mad surgeon who cuts the belly of society open. Without having a concrete result in mind, he plays with ideas of convention, beauty and order. He’s only finished once he’s satisfied with the chaos he creates. His montages are not products of pure randomness, however, but concentrated anarchy. Dennis Busch helps the world comment on itself through copying and pasting. Dennis Busch, born in 1971 in the Dutch town of Amstelveen, is artist, author, musician and producer. He lives in Spain with his family.

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