Maxim Brandt’s paintings are like dreams. Working with topics from the real world, his subjects slide into the unconscious, invisible, opaque. The colourful innocence of the first glance is deceiving; the the uncanny is in the detail, in the bits which are not fully perceptible, in the moments that you can’t fully grasp. You wouldn’t want to wake up suddenly in one of Brandt’s worlds. The narratives or speculations develop without any effort while observing. In fact, Brandt himself is not interested in telling stories. He compares his work to writing a poem: it comes into existence through the composition of singular elements, in his case the assembly of photos which serve as models for his paintings. Maxim Brandt (30) grew up in the Eastern part of Ukraine. His fascination in Russian fairy tales, which he developed there, still inspire his work. After his studies in Kiel, Maxim Brandt lives and works in Berlin.

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